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    Kelas Asas Decoupage April 2018 akan mengadakan kelas untuk mempelajari teknik decoupage di atas pinggan seramik/cermin kayu. Semua bahan akan disediakan. Hasil kerja boleh dibawa balik.

    Jadual kelas adalah seperti berikut:

    Tarikh: 29 April 2018, Ahad

    Masa: 2:00 - 5:00 petang

    Yuran: RM80

    Tempat: Puchong (lokasi akan diberitahu kepada peserta yg serius)

    Terhad kepada 6 peserta

    Sesiapa yang berminat, sila email ke [email protected], atau sms/wa ke nombor 012 6482121 untuk maklumat lanjut. Peserta digalakkan membuat tempahan awal kerana tempat adalah terhad.

    Untuk melihat contoh decoupage yang dihasilkan oleh peserta kelas sebelum ini, sila lawati atau laman Facebook

  1. Kelas Asas Decoupage April 2017

    March 20, 2017 by admin


    Kepada yang masih mencari kelas kraf untuk memenuhi masa lapang atau bercadang untuk menambah pendapatan sampingan, mari sertai kelas asas decoupage pada 16 April 2017, hari Ahad jam 2-5 petang.

    Anda akan diajar teknik asas seperti mewarna permukaan MDF atau pinggan seramik, menggunting dan menampal tisu decoupage serta teknik tambahan untuk mencantikkan lagi hasil kerja anda.

    Yuran promosi untuk kelas kali ini hanya RM60. Yuran akan dinaikkan kepada RM100 selepas ini.

    Tenaga pengajar berpengalaman mengajar asas decoupage semenjak tahun 2007. Sila tinggalkan komen bersama email yang sah untuk kami hubungi atau boleh terus berhubung melalui Facebook –

  2. Watercolor For Flowers

    March 2, 2017 by admin


    I found the Pull Out Art Pad which I bought last year while cleaning up and decided to color this picture. Since I haven’t done any watercolor coloring for quite some time, plus I need to try the new Pentel water brush I thought the flowers will do for now.

    I thought of coloring birds or butterflies but since I am better with leaves and flowers, so here it goes. I guess it will take another few days for me to finish this piece.

    Oh, the Pentel water brush is quite good except the water flow seems to be more fluid compared to Sakura Koi water brush. I need to dab the brush on tissue paper a few times before I could start coloring.

  3. Decoupage For Home Deco

    February 22, 2017 by admin


    I was checking out all the photos I have for decoupage items I made for clients for the past few days. Reason being a journalist contacted me to ask for an interview to be published in a local magazine about my hobby.

    When I started to learn decoupage in 2007, I never thought it could generate income. I was bored after resigning from my job and was looking for new thing to learn. As I learned the basic of decoupage, I realized that this is something that most people with less artistic talent could do at home.

    So for the past 10 years I have been able to create many decoupage items mostly for others and teach decoupage to people who are interested. It’s a great way to create something really unique and one of a kind for home decor even though the basic of decoupage is just a simple technique of cutting and pasting the picture.

    For those who are interested to learn, keep reading this blog as I might update the latest schedule for class.

  4. Peonies On Postcard

    October 29, 2016 by admin


    I love coloring on postcards. Reason being after I finish each piece I have a nice one to post to my penpal. This one is done using Colleen color pencils and white pen.

    It took me a few days just to finish one postcard as I keep getting distracted with house chores and my children.

    I bought this postcards for coloring from Usually each pack will have about 20 different pictures and cost around USD5. Their postage to worldwide is free.

  5. Pop Up Decoupage

    August 28, 2016 by admin

    This year I managed to attend a Pop Up decoupage class conducted at Suni Art and Craft Studio. They have invited a decoupage teacher and business owner, Stephanie of Kay & Me Stories from Indonesia to come to Malaysia to teach.

    The Pop Up decoupage basically still use the same concept of cutting and pasting the image. Instead of pasting the image directly onto the surface, we glue the image onto a plastic film to create the pop up.

    The plastic will be heated using candle and once the surface become hot and pliable to mould, we use the stainless steel ball roller usually used in fondant or clay flower making to make the curvy shape.

    Once we are satisfied with the shape, we use hot glue to glue the pieces onto the surface. In this class we use a ceramic tray.

    Overall it was a great experience to learn a different type of decoupage. I need to practice more to be able to get a nicer arrangement.

  6. Red Rose For Bunga Pahar

    February 24, 2016 by admin


    It’s been a while since I made a complete set of bunga pahar for a wedding. This time I made this from the bunch of artificial roses I have in my craft room. It’s for a friend’s brother’s wedding in March.

    The initial plan was to just use whatever leftover ribbons I have but I was short for a few rolls. I was shocked to see the new pricing for bunga telur materials in the market. I guess with the currency exchange rate and the downfall of Malaysian Ringgit value, this price hike is just inevitable..sigh!

    Anyway, I just can’t wait to see how this red rose bunga pahar will look like on the pelamin. Will update once I managed to get a picture or two from the wedding.

  7. Decoupage As Housewarming Gift

    February 12, 2016 by admin


    I made this for a friend who is moving in into her new home.

    I bought some new paint from ebay last month after watching the demo on YouTube. The paints are from LuminArte Silks acrylic glaze range and Viva Decor Precious Metal Colour. The color looks really vibrant but when it comes to varnishing part, the paint bleeds even though I already waited a few days for it to dry. I guess it needs to be sprayed with fixative before I could varnish the board with brush.

    I hope my friend will like this piece that I made for her. For this wall decoration, I used the roses decoupage paper from the class I attended previously.

  8. Coloring With Sakura Koi Watercolor

    February 8, 2016 by admin

    After watching demo on Youtube and reading reviews, I’ve decided to buy Sakura Koi Watercolor which comes with a water brush.


    I tried coloring this page of leaves from the coloring pad I bought earlier but the paper is quite thin and it warps as I color. Maybe this is why artist use special watercolor paper to make sure the final result would last better.


    It was quite fast coloring using watercolor compared when I use other mediums like pen or colored pencils. It took me about 4 days to complete the whole leaves and the background.


  9. Gubahan Bunga Daun Getah Untuk Coklat Hantaran

    February 2, 2016 by admin


    Untuk yang masih mencari idea untuk gubahan hantaran perkahwinan, anda boleh menggunakan bunga daun getah untuk membuat gubahan coklat.

    Daun bunga getah dibentukkan bulat untuk menampung coklat bulat seperti Ferrero Rocher dan dicantumkan dengan riben dan mutiara hiasan.

    Gubahan dalam contoh di atas dapat memuatkan 12 biji coklat untuk hadiah termanis majlis perkahwinan anda musim ini.

  10. Faber-Castell Coloring Contest

    November 30, 2015 by admin

    It’s the adult coloring frenzy worldwide now. Since the magazine Marie Claire gave away a free notebook with coloring pages I decided to give it a try.

    The rules of the contest is to use Faber Castell product. Since I never have watercolor pencils, I bought a box at MPH.

    Not sure how the result will be announced but this is a good motivation for me to start coloring and finish a page.