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    Kelas Asas Decoupage April 2018 akan mengadakan kelas untuk mempelajari teknik decoupage di atas pinggan seramik/cermin kayu. Semua bahan akan disediakan. Hasil kerja boleh dibawa balik.

    Jadual kelas adalah seperti berikut:

    Tarikh: 29 April 2018, Ahad

    Masa: 2:00 - 5:00 petang

    Yuran: RM80

    Tempat: Puchong (lokasi akan diberitahu kepada peserta yg serius)

    Terhad kepada 6 peserta

    Sesiapa yang berminat, sila email ke [email protected], atau sms/wa ke nombor 012 6482121 untuk maklumat lanjut. Peserta digalakkan membuat tempahan awal kerana tempat adalah terhad.

    Untuk melihat contoh decoupage yang dihasilkan oleh peserta kelas sebelum ini, sila lawati atau laman Facebook

  1. Jahitan Manik Beriring V

    June 7, 2009 by admin

    I need to wear something nice for Hubby’s company annual dinner, so as usual my choice will be baju kurung. Not to be too simple with the attire I decided to sew some beads onto it.

    Thanks to Kak Amoi (who used to be my decoupage student) for sharing the picture on her beading website, I tried her technique to sew manik V shape on my baju kurung. This beading work is worth of RM35, so if you would like to ask her to jahit manik on your clothing, feel free to contact her.

    Updated 22 July 2011, the link for her website is no longer valid, I have removed them.

    It is quite easy if you already know how to jahit manik beriring. Just like you would sew manik beriring double layer, this time for V shape or arrow style, just sew the second layer on the opposite side so that you get the V shape.

    This is how it looks like once both of the tangan baju has been sewn. Of course I still need to brush up my beading skills as the V shape looks uneven and not as smooth as the one shown in Kak Amoi’s website..heh!

  2. Green Theme Part II

    May 4, 2009 by admin

    I couldn’t find a decent picture of the whole set of the green theme hantaran during the event day itself. What I have is only a few pictures taken after I have done the hantaran the night before.

    The whole hantaran style was really simple, just put the artificial bunga dulang either on the hantaran itself or by its side.

    SIL bought all kind of green-like fruits – pear, rock melon, mangoes, green apple and green grapes for the occasion, just about right with my wish to complement the cream and green theme..hehe!

    I asked Niece #1 and #2 to fold the kain for baju melayu into a book-like lipatan. I am not fond of gubahan kain hantaran into any funny and intricate lipatan as it sometimes ruin the texture of the clothing and (most of the time) will create thousand creases.

    As usual, for a hard sejadah (praying mat) like the one in the above picture, the easiest way to gubah it will be to fold it into fan-shape.

    Not much should be done with the perfume set as it is already wrapped nicely by the departmental store.

  3. Green For Engagement

    March 17, 2009 by admin

    I think I have never done cream and green theme for any of my client, be it for engagement or wedding. So when niece #2 is getting engaged this month, I thought of doing cream and lime green theme for her hantaran pertunangan.

    Since I don’t have time to make bunga dulang from stokin or dip, I simply use artificial flowers. With the addition of ribbons and the green bead chain, the arrangement looks OK (not really superb but just nice for a simple bertunang ceremony).

    I tried putting the green bunga dulang beside the hantaran basket meant for fruits, just to imagine how it’ll look on the real day..heh! I plan to put all green apples (or other green like fruits like pear, unripe mango) inside the bakul buah to go with the green theme but SIL said she wants all kind of fruits like grape, red apple and such..huhu!

  4. More Bunga Songket Ideas

    January 10, 2009 by admin

    Ever since I posted about bunga pahar songket in this blog, I have been contacted by many people who are interested to know the price. I’m sure many would love to have something exclusive and different to be given to the guests during their wedding and special events.

    These are a few more ideas on what you can do with bunga songket.

    Last year, I’ve done these bunga songket to be glued on top of boxes, which later will be filled with slice of cake, chocolate, boiled egg or even souvenirs like tiny earrings and bracelets. (Yes, there was a wedding of a VIP’s son that gave Swarovski earrings in small boxes to all the guests)

    If you buy a bigger box, then this style of decorating will be perfect to be done on hantaran items as well. And I’m sure you will never throw the box away after the event or wedding is over.

    These boxes with bunga songket on top will be great ideas for meja makan beradap souvenirs or special gift for VIP during any dinner or special events. And the guests will be wondering what’s inside the box. Of course the right color combination and additional embellishments like a coordinated ribbons will play an important role in making sure that your favors box will look exclusive and expensive.