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    Kelas Asas Decoupage April 2018 akan mengadakan kelas untuk mempelajari teknik decoupage di atas pinggan seramik/cermin kayu. Semua bahan akan disediakan. Hasil kerja boleh dibawa balik.

    Jadual kelas adalah seperti berikut:

    Tarikh: 29 April 2018, Ahad

    Masa: 2:00 - 5:00 petang

    Yuran: RM80

    Tempat: Puchong (lokasi akan diberitahu kepada peserta yg serius)

    Terhad kepada 6 peserta

    Sesiapa yang berminat, sila email ke [email protected], atau sms/wa ke nombor 012 6482121 untuk maklumat lanjut. Peserta digalakkan membuat tempahan awal kerana tempat adalah terhad.

    Untuk melihat contoh decoupage yang dihasilkan oleh peserta kelas sebelum ini, sila lawati atau laman Facebook

  1. Papier December Layout Challenge

    December 31, 2011 by admin

    I have been contemplating whether to enter this challenge held by Papier right from the beginning of December. Now that it’s the last day of the contest, I thought I should just give it a try…otherwise it’ll be one of my regrets this year..huhu!

    The requirement for the challenge is as follow:

    Create a 12’X12′ layout based on the Sketch above and to incorporate:

    1. At least 1 Martha Stewart Puncher.

    2. Minimum of 3 Pattern Papers.

    3. Any product from Prima.

    (Please click on the image to view a larger version)

    So here is the outcome, I used 4 patterned papers from Basic Grey and the doily puncher from Martha Stewart.

    For embellishment, I used a tag from the Basic Grey collection, lace from my craft stash and as many Prima flowers that could go with the layout..(err I still have tons of those Prima flowers bought since 2006..sigh!!)

    I decided to put the green crocheted flower I made this year since it kinds of blend in with the color theme.

    The picture of the butterfly was taken during our Singapore trip in 2008, way before my son was born. It was taken in the butterfly park in Sentosa Island. Hope in a few years time, we can go again together with dear son.

    Updated: I am entering this layout to Anything Goes – Challenge 59 as well since I used patterned papers from Urban Couture and Stella Ruby Basic Grey collections 🙂

  2. 3D Decoupage On Crackled Tin

    December 15, 2011 by admin

    I’ve done the green crackled effect on the tin for quite some time. I thought I will just glue the iris motif from the decoupage napkin on the surface. However after I have pasted the purple flowers on green, the motif was drowned and it looks so bad..(err I should have taken some pictures to show how decoupage can go wrong..isk)

    After thinking over the bad outcome, I decided to take out the air dry clay and start rolling the clay into thin pieces. Of course I need to cut another set of the iris motif for this makeover..sigh! After pasting the napkin motif onto the thin clay and cutting out the clay using craft knife, I quickly pasted each pieces on the tin. You have to do this before the clay dries out otherwise it will break.

    The next day I colored the back of the clay which could be seen on the tin in lilac. On the third day I varnished the whole tin.

    Next time if you want to use dark color for decoupage surface you can try doing this 3D decoupage technique. It is not that hard but certainly needs more effort compared to normal decoupage technique and takes longer time to complete the project.

  3. Decoupage Class & Napkin For Sale

    November 28, 2011 by admin

    It’s been a while since I have decoupage class. This time since the participant was on time and I realized that she has ample time to complete the whole decoupage task, I decided to let her trace some wordings on the plate and color in using acrylic paint.

    I usually thin down the paint using Flow Medium rather than plain water. Of course you need to have liner brush to make the color in process easier.

    I think for the decoupage next class I need to prepare more simpler and shorter phrases if I were to add in the writing part in the syllabus..heh!

    Oh, I have some new decoupage napkins/tissue to sell. You can check out my FB to see other collection of motif.

    My current favorite is this sweet, pink roses.

    For those who want something different than the normal leaves and flowers, you can buy this rooster and brown country checkered motif.

    Check out the folder – Decoupage Tissue For Sale for all kind of motif that you might need for your decoupage project.

  4. Bunga Dulang Ros Dip Penghias Hantaran

    November 22, 2011 by admin

    I did this set of bunga dulang from bunga dip for a photo shoot. Still waiting for it to be printed in the newspaper.

    Anyway, for those who are interested to learn the basic technique on how to assemble bunga dulang which can be used as part of decoration for your gubahan hantaran, I will teach that in my bunga dip class. Next session will be held on Sunday 27th November, 2-5pm.

    Once you know the basic on how to make bunga dip, you can do bunga pahar and other type of guest favors for VIP. The small flowers can be combined into corsages for the family of the bride and groom to wear. The ideas are endless.

    Come and join the class. The fee is RM100. All materials needed for the class will be provided. You can take home whatever creation you manage to make during the 3-hour lesson.

  5. How To Draw Flower Petals

    November 17, 2011 by admin

    Continuing my effort to learn from Quick & Easy Murals by Donna Dewberry, I tried painting flower petals.

    My intention is to draw hydrangea like in the above picture but I find it very hard to draw each petal close to each other. I need to spend more time practising the stroke definitely.

    Next I move to the page on how to draw daisies. It is easier and I love making the dot in the middle of the flower using the tip of the brush.

    After drawing the flower petals, I continued practising the leaves. I think this time my leaves look much, much better compared to the previous leaves I painted..heh!

    For those interested to learn decorative painting from book, I still have 1-2 copies of Donna Dewberry’s book. Kindly contact to buy.

  6. How To Paint Single Stroke Leaves

    November 15, 2011 by admin

    Referring to my previous post on learning to paint from books, I decided to try another style of leaf taught in The Complete One Stroke Painting by Donna Dewberry.

    My main problem is still on how to stop on the brush chisel edge. The end of my leaf is not as smooth and sharp as shown in the book.

    However the wiggle on my heart shaped leaf is getting better. My second problem is still on how to double load the brush without mixing both color. I think I have to practise the stroke at least 10 minutes each day until I could find the right way to handle the brush and load the color.

  7. Learning To Paint From Books

    November 12, 2011 by admin

    I finally got all the necessary paints and medium from Art Friend last weekend. So I tried the basic from Donna Dewberry Quick & Easy Murals book.

    Basically you need a floating medium, 2 acrylic paints and a flat brush. I bought the brushes a long time ago but yet to use them for decorative painting.

    After following the instructions this is how my double loaded brush looks like.

    Then I refer to the page where she teaches on how to wiggle the brush. Well, it looks easy but then…huhu..

    Check out how terrible my supposed to be wiggled leaves look like. But what can I say, it’s my first trial, anyway!

    Next I tried to paint by referring to the page on how to make the heart shaped leaf. I still have to master how to load and end the stroke on the chisel edge.

    This is where I am planning to practise painting every day. I hope in a few years time I would be able to paint by an opened window overlooking my lush garden..hehe!

  8. FOR SALE : Painting Americana by Judy Morgan

    November 3, 2011 by admin

    For those who love the rural country style folk art with roosters and chickens, this book is definitely for you. I have 3 copies to sell at RM40 each. Postage will be RM8 in West Malaysia.

    I will usually check what brand of paints and materials used in the book. In this book, the author used assorted brands which could be found in Malaysia.

    I never use spray varnish before. Will be a good idea to try one.

    Most decorative artist love rooster and hens. The brushstrokes shown in the book is simplified and loose.

    What I really love to try is this roses on metal bucket. I have a few buckets bought from IKEA which are waiting to be decorated.

    It shows how to basecoat the metal bucket and create the rustic, aged look.

    There are steps to be followed on how to paint the leaves, roses, yellow flowers, blue flowers and daisies.

    Of course the technique will be different compared to other artist, as shown in basic strokes for rose above.

    You can find pattern which can be photocopied and enlarge to bring it to full size.

    These are the steps to paint numbers, letters and border for the sampler project.

    These are the steps for painting tulip, daisies and leaves for the door crown project. Actually there are many great projects in the book which you can learn new skills like painting basket, eggs, fruits just to name a few.

    Hurry up, place your order. There’s only 3 copies of Painting Americana to sell. Leave your comment with a valid email address (your comment won’t appear instantly as I need to approve them) or email me directly.

  9. FOR SALE: Gubahan Coklat Bunga Ros Daun Getah

    November 2, 2011 by admin

    I did this for the photo shoot session for a newspaper early this month. Since I won’t be using this anymore, I am selling this for RM50. You will get the whole arrangement of bunga ros daun getah inclusive of the decorated polistrin below it.

    What you have to do is just buy Ferrero Rocher chocolates to fit inside of the rose buds. I’m using the dark brown Ferrero Rondnoir to suit the theme color.

    This is how it will look like once you have put the chocolate inside the buds. The picture was taken the night before the photo shoot..(as you can see the messy ribbons and organza roll around the picture)

    If you are interested to buy kindly leave comment or email me. Self collect or delivery on weekend around Puchong/Cyberjaya area only.

  10. The Brown Bookmark

    October 30, 2011 by admin

    Simon Says Stamp and Show has this challenge to use one color for your creation. Honestly, I never like brown, they are too depressing for my cheery soul. But look what I’ve made..huhu!

    My initial plan is to use pink, but I was too lazy to dig my paper stash in the messy craft room so I just use whatever I have in my pink craft box.

    And since I have to make more bookmarks for my online book sale business, I decided this will do. I fussy cut some brown tree images from Basic Grey Scarlet’s Letter paper, a rectangle with printed sentiment and inked their edges.

    It was so messy in my craft room that I couldn’t find my puncher to make a hole at the top of the bookmark..yikes! Thank God for the old, out-of-trend eyelet setter..heh!

    I hope I will be able to make pink bookmark after this, but before that I really need to clean up the room..huhu!