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March, 2012

    Kelas Asas Decoupage April 2018 akan mengadakan kelas untuk mempelajari teknik decoupage di atas pinggan seramik/cermin kayu. Semua bahan akan disediakan. Hasil kerja boleh dibawa balik.

    Jadual kelas adalah seperti berikut:

    Tarikh: 29 April 2018, Ahad

    Masa: 2:00 - 5:00 petang

    Yuran: RM80

    Tempat: Puchong (lokasi akan diberitahu kepada peserta yg serius)

    Terhad kepada 6 peserta

    Sesiapa yang berminat, sila email ke [email protected], atau sms/wa ke nombor 012 6482121 untuk maklumat lanjut. Peserta digalakkan membuat tempahan awal kerana tempat adalah terhad.

    Untuk melihat contoh decoupage yang dihasilkan oleh peserta kelas sebelum ini, sila lawati atau laman Facebook

  1. Basic Decoupage On Picture Frame

    March 30, 2012 by admin

    (Please click to view larger picture)

    I made this picture frame as a farewell gift to a friend who migrated to Finland in January.

    It was done in a basic decoupage technique. The wooden frame from IKEA was painted in Plaid Taffy and then I sealed the strawberry motifs. After that I varnished the whole frame.

    For the inside of the frame, I used scrapbook paper and a sentiment sticker. Of course if the person wants to put any picture, the quotation can be removed later.

  2. Gubahan Bunga Dip Kotak Decoupage

    March 26, 2012 by admin

    (Please click to view larger picture)

    This came out on 22 March 2012 in Harian Metro. The last of 4 articles.

    I made bunga dulang from bunga dip to accompany the box I decoupaged. The item for barang hantaran can be put inside the round box.

  3. Gubahan Coklat Bunga Daun Getah

    March 16, 2012 by admin

    This gets published in Harian Metro 15 Feb 2012. Thanks to someone who bought the copy, saved and snail mailed it to me.

    (Please click image to view bigger version)

    For this particular gubahan coklat for hantaran, I used rose made from daun getah (rubber tree leaves) bought from a supplier. I took out the inner petals to fit in the Ferrero Rocher inside.

    It’s now available for sale at RM50 (not inclusive of the chocolate).

    If you are interested to buy, please leave comment.

  4. IKEA Malma Frame For Decoupage

    March 15, 2012 by admin

    (Please click to view larger image)

    I bought this Malma frame from IKEA since last year and didn’t do anything with it until recently. This time using the plain color Malma frame, I painted it in Plaid Taffy. After I have decoupaged the surface with the decoupage napkin with pink rose motif I decided to apply Jo Sonja Crackle Medium on top of it.

    Once it has started to crackle, I rubbed in Plaid Forest Green. The Crackle Medium used creates a tiny, porcelain like cracks that are quite hard to notice unless you rub in a second contrast color than the surface.

    Oh, the wording has been printed on paper, traced on tracing paper then traced again using graphite paper on the frame surface. I colored in with black acrylic paint using a liner brush. Some people prefer to use marker pen for wording but I always color in my wording using acrylic paint. This way I don’t have to worry about the marker ink bleeds when I varnish the finish product.

    Overall I was very pleased with the result. The frame has been given to a friend as a gift.